BAS Business Accounts Software Excel

Business Accounts Software ExcelThis is an extension of Business Accounts Software Excel to encompass Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST). It includes a quarterly and an annual Business Activity Statement (BAS) generated directly from the Accounts. It is intended for small business using the Cash Accounting method and reporting Australian GST.

You can Download BAS Business Accounts Software Excel free of charge for evaluation.

As an alternative to our Excel based software we have just released a web based small business BAS and GST accounting package. BAS-I.C is a streamlined web based accounting system designed specifically for small business allowing you to easily manage your Australian Business Activity Statement ( BAS ) and Goods and Services Tax ( GST ) obligations.

So if you prefer a web based accounting system Give BAS-I.C a try here...

BAS Business Accounts Software Excel BAS

BAS Business Accounts Software Excel is designed for small, micro and home based business to provide simple and effective cash basis business accounting including GST and BAS reporting. Standard business accounting software provides a range of functionality not required by most small businesses. This adds additional complexity to what should be a quick and easy transaction recording process. BAS Business Accounts Software Excel is specifically designed for ease of use and interpretation. Input requirements are minimized with only an Account selection and the total Received or Paid required for a transaction. It includes preset Goods and Services Tax GST items and automatically completed quarterly and annual Business Activity Statements BAS which are generated directly from recorded accounts. As each transaction is entered within a month range a date input is not required however it can be included along with any other notes in the transaction Comments area. Totals are calculated by month, quarter and year with monthly Income, Expense and Profit totals graphically displayed.

BAS Business Accounts Software ExcelOnce Accounts are setup Income and Expense item transactions are added directly from drop down lists reflecting the set up Accounts. A Comments column allows additional details to be added for each transaction, however this can be left blank unless it adds required detail. From the selected Account details any GST to be applied is identified and Income or Expense and GST components of the total Received or Paid are calculated.

BAS Business Accounts Software ExcelIncome and Expense lines can be continued across following months and quarters to provide easily identified consistent accounts across months to ensure all transactions have been recorded. Standard spreadsheet functions can be included as input values for repeating inputs including Account, Comments, Received and Paid values. This allows a single input to be reused and reflected in following months. Income, Expense and Profit values for each month are compiled and plotted on the Income and Expense by Month chart. This excludes any GST components and provides a clear indicator of business performance and trends over time.

The BAS sheet displays standard Business Activity Statements by quarter and year. The BAS amounts are calculated straight from the transactions recorded on the Income and Expense sheets. Standard BAS codes are provided for each item and the amounts can be transferred directly to a Business Activity Statement.

Software is an xls file developed with Microsoft Excel and will run on all versions of Microsoft Excel and most other spreadsheet applications including Excel for Macs and the free open source OpenOffice spreadsheet. It is secure and safe, it does not include any macros or visual basic coding and cannot access your system in any way. In this format you can simply save the file with different file names to use with multiple businesses and over different years.

You can Download BAS Business Accounts Software Excel free of charge for evaluation.

For additional detail and Instructions for Use see please refer to BAS Business Accounts Software Excel Help.